Institutional Integrity

The Compete Caribbean Program is administered by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and to this end; the Program fully subscribes to the IDB’s integrity policies.

Integrity is essential to the IDB Group’s mission of promoting development throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Corruption weakens democratic institutions, discourages investment and job creation. Ultimately, it hits hardest the poor and those without access to proper legal recourse.

The Office of Institutional Integrity plays a key role in the IDB Group’s efforts to combat corruption. The Office of Institutional Integrity investigates possible prohibited practices, including fraud and corruption, within Bank-financed activities, carries out prevention activities designed to improve the IDB Group’s integrity policies and mechanisms, and engages in outreach on integrity-related issues.

All parties participating in IDB Group-financed activities are held to the highest standards of integrity. Bank staff are obligated to report any possible violation of the IDB Group’s anti-corruption regulations.

Areas of Work

  • Support programs that will help IDB borrowing member countries strengthen good governance, enforce the rule of law and combat corruption.
  • Ensure that activities financed by the Bank are free of fraud and corruption and executed with proper safeguards.
  • Ensure that Bank staff act in accordance with the highest levels of integrity and that the institution’s internal policies and procedures are committed to this goal.