Our Pillars

CCPF is focused on reigniting economic growth in the Caribbean by increasing productivity, fostering innovation and by positioning regional products and services competitively in the global market. Through competitions, CCPF invites and selects project proposals to demonstrate the kinds of investments and activities that private sector companies can adopt to achieve these results.

Pillar 1: Productivity & Innovation in Private Sector Firms

Technical assistance for projects that enhance productivity and competitiveness of Caribbean businesses under four areas:

  1. Cluster Operations: initiatives that overcome barriers related to economies of scale and competitiveness.
  2. Innovations Funds: initiatives aimed at resolving low productivity.
  3. Technology Extension Services: technical assistance to improve business management processes and production processes.
  4. Entrepreneurship: Technical assistance to institutions that provide entrepreneurial support.

Pillar 2: Enhancing the Business and Innovation Climate

Technical assistance is granted for activities that enhance the legal, institutional and regulatory framework for business and innovation.

  1. Studies aimed at identifying constraints to competitiveness, productivity, innovation and job creation.
  2. Reforms aimed at improving the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index ranking.
  3. Sector level reform, capacity assessment and institutional strengthening that promotes private sector development.
  4. Expert advice for the implementation of policy reforms to improve business and innovation climate.