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On top of its project financing, the Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility also aims to further private sector development by providing access to cutting edge knowledge for firms, business support organizations and governments across the Caribbean. To that effect the Facility has put together an important repository of studies, assessments and data and has made it available for download through the Compete Caribbean Knowledge Centre.

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Toward a Business Climate Reform Agenda in the Caribbean

This paper is meant to help national and regional policymakers navigate the complex topic of business climate reform in the Caribbean. It combines the findings...


The Impact of R&D and ICT Investment on Innovation and Productivity in Chilean Firms

Developing countries face the enormous challenge of closing the productivity gap with rich countries. According to previous studies, this is especially relevant for firms in...


Debt, Fiscal Adjustment and Economic Growth in Jamaica

The buildup of debt in Jamaica has been concurrent with the country’s slow economic growth, and the issues are intertwined. High debt slows economic growth,...


The New Imperative of Innovation Policy: Perspectives for Latin America and the Caribbean

The main purpose of this study is to present the conceptual basis that supports science, technology, and innovation (STI) policy in Latin America and the...


Building Up Business: Microenterprise Demand for Credit in the Caribbean

The present study investigates the role that formal and informal savings and credit mechanisms play in the financial lives of microentrepreneurs in the Caribbean, partly...


Innovation, Productivity, and Growth in Costa Rica: Challenges and Opportunities

This technical note presents a detailed review of Costa Rica’s recent innovation policy. It discusses how far Costa Rica is from having innovation ecosystems (human...


2015 Private Sector Development in the Caribbean: A Regional Overview

This report explores private sector development in the Caribbean region. The report is largely based on the analysis in the Private Sector Assessment Reports (PSARs)...


2014 St. Trinidad and Tobago Private Sector Assessment Report

The Private Sector Assessment Report (PSAR) presents an overall assessment of private-sector development (PSD) issues and makes recommendations for facilitating and accelerating private investment and...


2014 Suriname Private Sector Assessment Report

The common thread of this report and its recommendations, and the overarching Private Sector Development (PSD) goal in Suriname as presented in this report, is...


2014 St. Vincent and the Grenadines Private Sector Assessment Report

The Private Sector Assessment Report (PSAR) for St. Vincent and the Grenadines presents an overall assessment of private-sector development and policy recommendations for facilitating and...

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