Impact Investment in the Caribbean

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The study identifies opportunities for impact investments in the Caribbean with a focus on five specific countries: Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti and Trinidad & Tobago. These five highly disparate nations exemplify the opportunities and challenges faced by the region and investors within it. Eight sectors represent the greatest potential for impact investing within the region nearly across the board: (i) Alternative energy, (ii) Agriculture and agribusiness, (iii) Transportation including ports, island roads, and inter-island transport, (iv) Tourism, (v) Cultural industries, (vi) Microfinance; (vii) SME development and (viii) Base of Pyramid basic needs. Given the potential for real, profitable impact investing in the Caribbean, a number of recommendations on how to move forward are made, ranging from establishing a regional impact investing network to improving the enabling environment and leveraging diaspora communities worldwide.

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Toward a Business Climate Reform Agenda in the Caribbean


Sylvia Donhert; Tara Lisa Persaud; Stefano Pereira; Wayne Elliott; Kayla Grant;

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