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The Grenada Project – Protein from Waste Initiative

This project will help this non-profit organization to produce chicken feed from local free waste products for sale to local rural poultry producers. The product will be equal to, but significantly cheaper than the currently available imported products.

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Kreyol Essence Haiti Castor Project

The purpose of this project is to help develop Kreyol Essence’s portfolio of Castor Oil beauty products for the export market. The project has a potential to create over 400 jobs in the next three years, and export beauty products around the world.

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Re-Volt Pay-as-you-go-Solar Market Validation Phase

Re-Volt is an off-grid utility that provides a highly efficient, reliable, full direct-current (DC), pay-as-you-go solar powered energy service to Haiti’s residents at affordable prices. The project seeks to strengthen the development of the technology and concomitant product offering.

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Veerhouse Voda Haiti Factory

The aim is to enable Veerhouse Voda implement the Veerhouse building system – a Eurocode certified environmentally sustainable, low cost building system that is five times faster than traditional construction methods; with the intention to create thousands of permanent houses in three to five years.

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This project aims to establish the capacity to clean tanks used for exports meeting ISO standards.

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Local Economic Development in Treasure Beach

This initiative will allow Treasure Beach to capitalize on its economic potential by leveraging targeted tourism activities and associated business opportunities. The project focuses on developing the tourism potential of treasure beach and creating the linkages with other sectors necessary to elevate the economic conditions of the community and develop a unique brand of Tourism for Jamaica.

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Strengthening Innovation and Entrepreneurship within the ICT/BPO Industry through Physical and Virtual Incubation

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in Jamaica is deemed as a priority industry and the Government of Jamaica has speared no effort in seeking to improve the business environment through policies and strategies, in order to maintain the competitiveness and viability of the sector.

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Framework for Private Sector Development in Suriname

Support to the office of the Vice Chancellor has facilitated the creation of the Suriname Competitiveness Unit to support the Suriname Business Forum, which has increased public-private dialogue on private sector development in the country. The staff have been hired, trained and equipped. With project assistance the Forum has agreed on a comprehensive competitiveness program for Suriname to be implemented over the medium term and has new legislation in place to support this.

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Suriname Pioneer Tourism Cluster: Suriname Rainforest Experience

This project is focused on helping the cluster to develop sustainable tourism in the Upper Suriname River region of Suriname. The project aims to develop the internal capacity and design tourism products to offer a compelling, high value and high quality tourism experience centered on the unique Maroon community and culture.

Teleios Systems Ltd Quik Worx Global Rollout

The project will help Teleios, a software services company, to continue the development work of Quik Worx, a proprietary software tool that enables non-technical business process owners to automate business processes. The project will support the enhancement of QW’s functionality and improve the quality assurance process to ensure international quality standards and robustness. In addition, the project will develop the marketing strategy and partners’ program for the marketing and distribution of QW, initially in Trinidad and Tobago, regionally and then globally.

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