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Banane d’Haiti

The project is helping Haiti Originale to create and operate an eight hectare (ha) experimental banana farm in Haiti. The purpose is to determine the viability, scalability and job creation potential of bringing commercial banana production to the country. The ultimate goal of the firm is to build a 500 ha banana operation that can be expanded to 2000 ha.

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Strengthening Public-Private Dialogue in Saint Lucia

The project has assisted the government in creating the National Council for Productivity and Competitiveness. The project staffed the unit, designed the institutional structure, the M&E framework and the action plan for the short to medium terms. It is also implementing one of the identified reforms – the operationalisation of the commercial division of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in St. Lucia.

Eco-friendly Handbags

The project aims to expand the market of attractive eco-friendly handbags artisanally manufactured in the island of Nevis. It also seeks to enhance the traditional weaving and modern design skills of its labor force (at-risk women and youth within the island).

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Strengthening the Institutional Framework and Building Capacity for Investment Attraction in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

This project aims to address the country’s decline in status as a trading nation since 1990 by proposing a strategic framework that is designed to enhance the global competitiveness of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in keeping with the themes of the National Economic Social and Development Plan (NESDP, 2010-2025). It is anticipated that the outputs of this note will contribute towards economic growth, increase export earnings, increased gross domestic product (GDP) and a reduction in the country.

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Strengthening the Economic Development Council in Belize

The Government has created the Economic Development Council as the main public-private dialogue mechanism on private sector development. The project assists the EDC technical secretariat in ensuring it’s organisational structure is appropriate for Belize, has a prioritized action plan and an M&E framework. It assists with sector specific studies, and builds the capacity of the staff of the EDC through training and study trips. The overarching objective is to increase the national dialogue on private sector development in order to better inform policy creation for growth and development.

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Policy and Institutional Framework for SME Development in the Bahamas

The main aim of the project was to increase support to SMEs, including increasing their access to finance. The project designed a new institutional framework to support SME development, including the design of a new government agency dedicated to SME growth and draft legislation to support it. It looked specifically at the SMEs in the Family Islands and created mechanisms to facilitate enterprise development there including a new website to market these enterprises.

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Strengthening the Institutional Architecture for Investment Attraction in Belize

Increasing trade and investment is high on the priority list of the Belize Government. Through this project BELTRAIDE significantly increased its capacity and focus in this area. The project rationalised the work of BELTRAIDE, created a strategic plan for the organisation, and provided sector specific strategies for the medical tourism and BPO sectors. It aimed to significantly increase investment by promoting Belize using various media and marketing tools, as well as provide help to exporters.

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Support for Investment Promotion in Dominica

The project will support the investment promotion activities in Dominica and assist in market promotion around the globe in order to attract more FDI.

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Framework for the Establishment of the Regime for Free Circulation of Goods within the OECS

This project will develop and implement a harmonized suite of legislation that will facilitate the free circulation of goods within the Eastern Caribbean States, as well as improve the institutional capacity of the OECS Secretariat to coordinate and supervise activities related to free circulation.

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Facility to Support Phase II of the Caribbean Growth Forum

Facility to support consultancies of up to US$50,000 to start implementation of the concrete action plans agreed to in each country under the methodology of the Caribbean Growth Forum. In the Bahamas, the Facility is funding a consultancy to the Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA) to create a manual and an online portal to provide information and guidance to both local and foreign investors; with appropriate documentation and workflow that will also facilitate the submission of project proposals. In Barbados it is supporting Immigration reform in order to facilitate both tourism and increased investment. In Antigua and Barbuda it is designing the One-Stop-Shop single window for business. In Grenada it is helping to design value added options for agricultural products such as nutmeg and cocoa. In Suriname it is supporting the initial requirements to facilitate secured transactions reform (in order to increase access to finance particularly for SMEs).

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