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The Jamaica Urban Ornamental Fish Cluster

The Jamaica Urban Ornamental Fish Cluster currently consists of approximately 170 relatively small, mostly home-based aquaculture farms located primarily in urban communities in Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine and Clarendon. The Cluster is led by The Competitiveness Company, a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Kingston that has been its main driver, marketer and advocate, over at least the past five years.

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Strengthening the Caribbean’s Participation in the Americas Competitiveness Forum – 2012, 2013, 2014

The specific objective is to facilitate public-private dialogue on policy issues among authorities addressing issues of competitiveness, innovation, and investment in CARIFORUM nations.

Caribbean Cluster Initiative for the Establishment of the Pomeroon Export Producers Association – Guyana and Trinidad

To optimize the Virgin-Caribbean supply chain to provide for increased efficiencies, volumes, distribution, sales and exports of coconut water.


Coconut water is one of the developed world’s fastest-growing beverage products. The entry of Virgin Caribbean as a purchaser and processor of tender coconut for water in Guyana has created a market that was essentially non-existent in recent years. The cluster core consists of the Virgin Caribbean processing facility plus the local farmers supplying to and supported by Virgin Caribbean. The company continues to grapple with inconsistencies in coconut supplies, due primarily to the neglect and abandonment of the farms while isolation and the lack of a guaranteed market for nuts and other produce, farmers have tended to seek jobs elsewhere leading to the neglect of their orchards.


Virgin-Caribbean sits at the core of this cluster and shares a desire to break the vicious cycle of farm neglect due primarily by the lack of markets and investments in processing as a result of unsustained supply. The cluster is seeking to establish a fully functioning, sustainable value chain from farm to market through action on three fronts: Revive agricultural production in the Lower Pomeroon by building capacity to upgrade farms; Establish a modern processing facility; Link the two through transparent “win-win” contract farming agreements.


Objective: To optimize the Virgin-Caribbean supply chain to provide for increased efficiencies, volumes, distribution, sales and exports of coconut water.


How Donor Funds Are Being Used:

• To ensure that coconut farmers in this cluster are better organized for greater efficiency and collective action thus increasing their bargaining power as suppliers. The project will also increase their access to improved harvesting and farm maintenance technology and equipment as well as provide a better understand of the opportunities associated with crop diversification and contract farming agreements.


Achievements Thus Far:

1. Business Plan and crop diversification strategy enacted.

2. Stronger legal foundation and development of commercial agreements for global business.

3. Increases in arable land usage and efficient drainage as a result of the procurement of hydraulic excavators


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Assessing the Development of the Private Sector in 14 Caribbean Countries

The private sector is crucial to achieving inclusive growth. Compete Caribbean’s Private Sector Assessment Reports (PSARs) provide comprehensive overviews of the private sector in 14 CARIFORUM countries.

Donor Coordination for Private Sector Development in 13 Caribbean Countries

The Private Sector Development Donor Matrices (DMX) identifies and assesses PSD strategies and projects within countries. It identifies gaps or omissions in existing PSD frameworks and captures in detail the purpose of donor funded past and present programs. The aim is to reduce duplication, inefficiencies, and fragmentation by maximizing the use of donor resources, improving coordination and promoting strategic partnerships.

Harmonized OECS Spectrum Planning and Management

The specific objective of this project is to support OECS countries to participate in the regional harmonization of spectrum planning and management policies and practices across the Caribbean.

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Implementation of Business Climate Reforms in Jamaica

The project will strengthen the legislative framework to improve access to finance and streamline the business registration and bankruptcy process in Jamaica in order to improve the business climate.

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Strengthening Export Competitiveness in the Grenada Agriculture Sector

The specific objective of the project is to strengthen the legal and administrative framework for agriculture in Grenada and to increase investment into the sector, specifically in the nutmeg and cocoa sub-sectors.

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The project is helping dloHaiti to bring safe, potable water to underserved areas in Haiti through the use of a decentralized water purification and distribution model that reduces reliance on water transport by large trucks. This model will improve water quality and services while reducing carbon emissions and local pollution.

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D & E Green Enterprises

The project is helping D&E Green Enterprises to bring affordable, reliable and clean energy to resource-constrained communities in Haiti through the setup and manufacture of low-cost, high-efficiency, EcoRecho Stoves.

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