Knowledge Management

What’s this component about?

This component develops the key information necessary for planning future private sector development and competitiveness enhancing initiatives. The projects that are undertaken under this component are intended to increase regional and national consensus on the strategic and priority actions needed to promote private sector development; increase the synergies among donor-supported projects; and generally strengthen knowledge in the region by sharing best practices, lessons learned and new innovative ideas.

What has been funded?

  1. This Component has financed private sector assessment reports (PSARs) in each country, using a standard methodology developed especially by the Program. The PSARs identify, guide and prioritize the set of interventions needed in each country and those needed regionally to improve competitiveness. A regional Caribbean Report has also been developed. These reports can be found on the Studies and Reports page of this website.
  2. Donor matrices (DMX) for each country has been financed. The matrices are posted on the Studies and Reports page. DMXs have helped the Program avoid duplications, inefficiencies and fragmentation and to develop synergies and maximize the impact of the development projects by improving coordination and alignment among the Donors.
  3. Financing has also been committed to projects that generate knowledge such as studies in strategic sectors and projects that disseminate knowledge either through exchange forums or through national or regional events that bring key practioners and thinkers together to share lessons learned and best practices.