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The Program

The Partnership Facility

The CCPF strategy is executed through two Pillars.

The Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility (CCPF) works to reignite economic growth in the Caribbean by focusing on private sector development. The program aims to demonstrate the kinds of investments and activities that increase productivity from the firm (company) level in the Caribbean as well as to influence some of the rules that allow reallocation of resources from less productive sectors to more productive ones.

Productivity is enhanced by innovation. Innovation is defined as companies developing new products, new services or adopting new processes or organizational practices.

Pillar 1: Productivity & Innovation in Private Sector Firms

Under Pillar 1, the CCPF provides technical assistance to develop and implement project plans that strengthen the productivity and competitiveness of Caribbean businesses, products and services on the regional and global markets.

Technical assistance is granted under four thematic areas:

  • Cluster Operations: initiatives that overcome barriers related to economies of scale and competitiveness.
  • Innovations Funds: initiatives aimed at resolving low productivity.
  • Technology Extension Services: technical assistance to improve business management processes and production processes
  • Entrepreneurship: Technical assistance to institutions that provide entrepreneurial support.

Pillar 2: Enhancing the Business and Innovation Climate

Pillar 2 is intended to enhance the legal, institutional and regulatory framework for business and innovation. Technical assistance is granted for activities related to:

  • Drafting and implementing policies and regulations,
  • Generating data to inform policy and regulatory reforms; and
  • Creating networks and disseminating best practices and lesson learnt.

Under Pillar 2, expert advice for the implementation of business and innovation climate polices, reforms or enhancements as well as advice for establishing and maintaining public-private dialogue and private sector development can be accessed.


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