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On top of its project financing, the Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility also aims to further private sector development by providing access to cutting edge knowledge for firms, business support organizations and governments across the Caribbean. To that effect the Facility has put together an important repository of studies, assessments and data and has made it available for download through the Compete Caribbean Knowledge Centre.

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2011 Micro Level Data

With funding from the Compete Caribbean Program, Enterprise Surveys were conducted in 13 CARIFORUM countries in 2011. Respondents from the private sector were interviewed and...


Human Imagination, Innovation and Competitiveness in the Caribbean

The paper aims to identify the potential gains for the Caribbean region of investing in a competitiveness and innovation strategy that takes into account the...


Perspectives for Distributed Generation with Renewable Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean (English)

Analysis of Case Studies for Jamaica, Barbados, Mexico, and Chile: This paper deals with how to promote distributed generation (DG) done with renewable energy in...


Pre-Feasibility Study of the Potential Market for Natural Gas as a Fuel for Power Generation in the Caribbean

Pre-Feasibility Study of the Potential Market for Natural Gas as a Fuel for Power Generation in the Caribbean.


Supply and Demand Side Assessment of Impact Investment within the Caribbean

While Asia, Africa and Latin America have become important investment destinations for impact investors, the Caribbean has been largely overlooked by existing players as a...


Measuring the Competitiveness of Selected CARICOM Countries – WEF

The World Economic Forum (WEF) views competitiveness as the potential of a country to grow in a sustained way over the medium to long term...


Policies for Achieving Structural Transformation in the Caribbean

The purpose of this paper is to apply new methodologies to analyze the history of and future opportunities for structural transformation in the Caribbean. The...


Institutions and the Legal Framework for Business Development in the Caribbean

Research shows that long-term sustainable growth depends on the quality of a country's institutions. Without well-functioning institutions, education and training policies are less effective and...


Enhancing Access to Finance in the Caribbean

This paper examines issues that are central to financial market development in the Caribbean region. It also identifies factors that are required for financial markets...


Cluster Best Practices for the Caribbean

The Caribbean is at a crossroads. The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and the CARICOM Single Market Economy (CSME) herald a more liberalized trading environment with...

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