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On top of its project financing, the Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility also aims to further private sector development by providing access to cutting edge knowledge for firms, business support organizations and governments across the Caribbean. To that effect the Facility has put together an important repository of studies, assessments and data and has made it available for download through the Compete Caribbean Knowledge Centre.

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2014 Antigua and Barbuda Private Sector Assessment Report

The Private Sector Assessment Report (PSAR) provides a comprehensive overview of the private sector in Antigua and Barbuda. It draws on both primary and secondary...


Productive Development Policies in Belize

The aim of this study is to conduct a critical appraisal of PDPs applied by the government of Belize (GoB), and in particular assess two sectors...


Improving Competitiveness in the Caribbean Tourism Sector through ICT-based Innovations

The report explores global and regional trends and innovations that are transforming the tourism sector, with an emphasis on ICT-based innovations. Given the challenges of...


Clusters in the Caribbean: Understanding their Characteristics, Defining Policies for their Development

The aim of this report is to map Caribbean cluster cases and identify their specific characteristics, based on the existing literature and on the available...


Caribbean Diasporic Entrepreneurship

This study argues that tapping into the migration, diaspora and development nexus is critical to enhance economic diversification and deepen global competitiveness in the contemporary...


Value Chain Analysis of the CARIFORUM Ecotourism Industry

CARIFORUM countries have identified a number of priority industries and niche sectors that span manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, and other service sectors, which are viewed as...


Pre-Feasibility Study of the Potential Market for Natural Gas as a Fuel for Power Generation in the Caribbean

This study analyses the feasibility of introducing natural gas in 14 countries in the Caribbean. The current dependence on fuel oil in the countries in...


Productive Development Policies in Jamaica

Jamaica seems to be a puzzling case for economic growth: despite the structural reforms implemented in the last three decades and adequate investment levels, real GDP per...


Strengthening Sustainable Agriculture in the Caribbean

This study provides an assessment of the sustainable agriculture sector in five countries of the Caribbean region: Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Guyana, and Jamaica. It analyzes...


Private Sector Assessment Reports

These reports explore private sector development in the Caribbean region. The reports are largely based on the analysis in the Private Sector Assessment Reports (PSARs)...

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