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Private Sector Assessment Reports

These reports explore private sector development in the Caribbean region. The reports are largely based on the analysis in the Private Sector Assessment Reports (PSARs) of 14 Caribbean countries. Reforms to stimulate sustainable growth led by the private sector are more important than ever. Although the details vary from country to country, structural reform is needed in most Caribbean countries. Economic diversification is essential for tourism dependent economies.


Private Sector Development in the Caribbean: A Regional Overview


2014 Antigua and Barbuda Private Sector Assessment Report

2014 Bahamas Private Sector Assessment Report

2014 Barbados Private Sector Assessment Report

2014 Belize Private Sector Assessment Report

2014 Dominica Private Sector Assessment Report

2014 Grenada Private Sector Assessment Report

2014 Guyana Private Sector Assessment Report

2014 Haiti Private Sector Assessment Report

2014 Jamaica Private Sector Assessment Report

2014 St. Kitts and Nevis Private Sector Assessment Report

2014 St. Lucia Private Sector Assessment Report

2014 St. Vincent and the Grenadines Private Sector Assessment Report

2014 Suriname Private Sector Assessment Report

2014 St. Trinidad and Tobago Private Sector Assessment Report

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Human Imagination, Innovation and Competitiveness in the Caribbean

The paper aims to identify the potential gains for the Caribbean region of investing in a competitiveness and innovation strategy that takes into account the human imagination and how it relates to business growth and economic and trade diversification. It assesses the competiveness and innovation performance of Caribbean countries in the last decade, analyzes the role of key institutions, and then identifies some key areas for intervention. The paper concludes by outlining a framework for implementing a competiveness and innovation policy agenda.

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Belize Donor Matrix Report (Mar 2012)

In order to facilitate the harmonization of donor activity forprivate sector development, Compete Caribbean, an agency funded by the IADB, DFID, CIDA and CDB to promote the competitiveness of CARIFORUM states, has established a program to finance the design of a common tool, the country PSD Donor Matrix (DMX), to register ongoing and past country‐level programs related to private sector development and improvement of competitiveness that are being implemented by multilateral and bi‐lateral institutions in the region.

This report delineates the inaugural use of the tool in the context of Belize. It enumerates the context for private sector development in Belize, summarizes the findings in the application of the tool and provides the donor matrix inventory in a separate Annex to this report.

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Cluster Best Practices for the Caribbean

The Caribbean is at a crossroads. The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and the CARICOM Single Market Economy (CSME) herald a more liberalized trading environment with all of the potential benefits that come with the freer movement of goods, services, and labor. At the same time, the loss of preferential access to traditional export markets poses a significant risk to the region’s future prosperity. Moreover, food security, climate change, a global recession, and the latest natural disaster to befall Haiti all pose new and daunting challenges to the region. If the Caribbean is to overcome these challenges and realize greater prosperity for its citizens it must develop new areas of competitive advantage.

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Renewable Energy: Best Practises in Promotion and Use for Latin America and the Caribbean (English)

This paper aims to present a snapshot of some of the best practices in the promotion and use of renewable energy, and provide practical examples of the development of renewable energy markets that countries in Latin America and the Caribbean can replicate. This brief study provides an overview of some of the most widely used renewable energy technologies. It also examines current and potential renewable energy markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, economic development benefits of expanding renewable energy markets, policy tools and mechanisms that have been used to build and promote renewable energy in the United States, and the role governments and the private sector can play. This paper was presented at the Fifth Americas Competiveness Forum for the Inter-American Development Bank and Compete Caribbean Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, October 5-7, 2011.