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Project Name:
Support for Dominica

Dominica continues to need support, and you can help.

On September 18th, Dominica was devastated by Hurricane Maria, which hit the island nation as a Category 5 storm. Maria destroyed most of Dominica’s buildings, and stripped the Nature Island of its lush rainforests. Two weeks later, the situation on the ground remains difficult. Some parts of Dominica remain uncommunicated, and most of the island is without electricity and running water. The government of Dominica is working around the clock to secure food for its citizens, and to restore basic infrastructure. You can help relief efforts by donating to: 1.) the official donation account of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica; or 2.) one of several crowdfunding campaigns on such as the one established by the Dominica American Relief and Development Association, Inc. (

Let’s all pull together to help our regional neighbours in their time of need.

Click here to Donate to the Government’s official donation account

Click here to Donate to DARDA

Project Name:
Economic Growth and Social Protection in the Commonwealth of Dominica

In 2011, the program sponsored the third update of Dominica’s Growth and Social Protection Strategy. The Strategy was presented to a meeting of public, private and donor stakeholders to assist in the allocation of resources for priority development work over the following 5 years.